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Training and Development

We understand the importance of continuing education while on the job so we offer a wide variety of educational seminars directed towards the daily operations and needs of our Golden LivingCenters.


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  • Orientation Programs. Every new employee attends two days of New Employee General Orientation during the first week of employment. Depending on job function, new employees are provided with the specific information they need to know during their first few weeks on the job, organized so that they can discuss questions and findings with their supervisors as they go along. After employees become familiar with the functions at their own facility, they can continue training through a series of self-directed online presentations to learn information relevant to the company as a whole.
  • Care2Learn is an online, self-study, continuing education program available to all full-time licensed nurses and executive directors at our LivingCenters and at Golden Living's corporate headquarters. Care2Learn also tracks continuing education units for employees.