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This CNA Packs an Overnight Bag, Perfume and Some Epic Organizational Skills

Golden LivingCenters | posted June 17, 2014 | Bookmark and Share

Theresa Willard doesn’t just come to work. She comes to work with a smile! As a CNA in the Golden LivingCenter - Independence in Independence, Missouri, Willard is known to go above and beyond every day.

“Theresa spends time getting to know her residents,” said GLC - Independence Executive Director Tonia Carroll. “The residents know that what is important to them is important to her.”

The small personal touches seem to be a hallmark of Willard’s care. When she can, she will buy shampoo and body wash or cologne for the residents.

“I like the men to smell like men, and the women to smell like women!” she joked.

Willard also claims to be a bit obsessive with organization and routinely sorts residents’ closets matching their outfits and color coding their wardrobe. She also knows when a resident has a special day ahead, such as a visit from the grandchildren or other special guest. She will come to work and go straight to the resident with the special plans to ensure they can be ready for their day.

A CNA since 1989, Willard also helps mentor new employees and train CNA students. She has an impeccable attendance record and also thinks ahead to plan for the unexpected.

“If there is a snow storm coming, often Theresa will come to work with an overnight bag ready to cover shifts for coworkers who may not be able to make it to work with inclement weather,” Carrolls adds.

Even though she is an inspiration herself, Willard says she learns a lot from the residents under her care. Learning to take life one day at a time and not take things for granted are two of the biggest kernels of wisdom she has gleaned over the years from her residents.

“The residents teach me to be thankful,” Willard remarks.

And Golden Living is thankful for outstanding employees like Willard who truly show their servant’s heart each and every day. 

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