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A Work of Heart: Appreciating Our Special Certified Nursing Assistants

Golden LivingCenters | posted June 11, 2015 | Bookmark and Share

We would like to recognize all of our Certified Nursing Assistants for their dedication and hard work every day. Here are a few CNAs recognized by their peers for the wonderful work they do.

Golden LivingCenter – Chase County, Kan.

Juliet Hinrichs, a Charge Nurse at Golden LivingCenter – Chase County in Kansas recognizes Cynthia Fuqua (2005), Stacy Burright (2002) and Jeffrey Zirkel (2008). Together these CNAs have thirty years of experience at the LivingCenter.

“These amazing individuals always are willing to help out, never complain and know the residents in our facility as if they were their family members. They represent the nursing profession and what it stands for everyday."

AseraCare of Houston, Texas

Ruth Gregory, a Clinical Operations Manager recognizes Peggy Maxey (1998) who has worked for AseraCare of Houston for over 17 years. Ruth worked with Peggy as her CSRM.

Ruth said, “I remember seeing a thank you card from a patient’s daughter that she sent our agency. The daughter thanked Peggy for giving her mother her last bath before she died and had said it was ‘like a sacrament.’ I often use this daughter’s comment as an example of excellence. Peggy is an outstanding example of a caregiver.”

Golden LivingCenter – Sorenson, Neb.

Fran O’Neal, a CNA herself, from Golden LivingCenter – Sorenson in Omaha, Neb. recognizes one of her colleagues, CNA Beatrice (Mickie) Chapman.

Fran said, “Mickie has a great knowledge and respect for the residents she cares for and serves on a daily basis. She cares deeply for everyone. She is devoted, caring and compassionate and is determined to work with everyone to make sure our residents are cared for properly.”

Golden LivingCenter – Prairie Hills, S.D.

Joel Kirst, Unit Manager for Golden LivingCenter – Prairie Hills in Rapid City, S.D. recognizes Kevin Cederburg who is a Bath Aide, Med Aide and CNA for the LivingCenter. Kevin has worked for the LivingCenter for 21 years. He started as a Physical Therapy Aide.

Joel said, “Kevin enjoys getting to know the residents and making them happy. He knows how to individualize their care to fit the residents’ likes and dislikes. Residents and families agree that he is a wonderful person and caregiver. Kevin is truly remarkable and we thank him for his dedication and compassion.”

Golden LivingCenter – Edwardsville, Kan.

Jacqueline Collins, Business Office Manager for Golden LivingCenter – Edwardsville in Kansas recognizes Sandra Barber (2007), Kenneth Cowart (2004), Sherrie Ford, (2010), Ciara Hernandez (2010), Casandra Salazar (2009), Shannon Smith (1998) and Dymon dawson (2007) as the “Magnificent Seven” CNA staff who help take care of the LivingCenter’s mentally-ill patients.

Jacqueline says, “These CNAs are truly a blessing to our LivingCenter. Each of them contributed a few words about being a staff member here at GLC – Edwardsville. Their statements are a true testament to their dedication to our residents and team members at our facility.”

From Sandra Barber: "I remember the beautiful smile on a resident's face when I brought her a Dahlia from my garden. She still remembers that flower. I bring her a flower from my garden every spring."

From Kenneth Cowart: "After I have been off work for a few days and I return to work, one of the residents at the door lights up and says , ‘We miss you.’"

From Dymon Dawson our Activity Director: "I find that if I take the time and do the little things in life for the residents it makes them very HAPPY. Getting them that cup of coffee or just sitting with them is all they want in that moment."

From Sherrie Ford: "It’s definitely the residents that keep me coming back for almost five years. They bring a lot of joy to my life and teach me so much about life. It brings joy to my heart when I walk into a room and several people speak to me and seem to be happy to see me."

From Ciara Hernandez: "Our residents are our top priorities. We do the best that we can to keep their spirit strong. Sometimes we are all they have. Just knowing that I can make such a huge impact on someone's life is enough to make me love my job even more."

From Casandra Salazar: "I enjoy and have a passion to help those in need. Helping and caring for others is more than just a paycheck, it’s life changing for both parties. It’s a natural gift. A genuine smile from a person you care for is not only heartwarming, but priceless as well."

From Shannon Smith: "I have been at the Edwardsville facility for 17 years now.

The residents and long term staff are like family to me. I really love my job. It may be hard, but it is rewarding."

AseraCare of Hamilton, Ala.

Pam Kinard, Director of Clinical Services for AseraCare in Hamilton, Ala. recognizes Stephanie Cagle Hamm, Laura Haley, Sarah Markham, Michelle Foster and Crystal Anders.

Stephanie Cagle Hamm has been a fulltime CNA with AseraCare Hamilton since 2001. In 2008, Stephanie was awarded the Regional Home Hospice Aide of the Year by the Alabama Hospice Organization. Other achievements while at AseraCare have included the Employee of the Quarter Award and she was previously a board certified Hospice Aide through the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association. Stephanie is married with two children and has been a foster mother to several children.

Laura Haley has been a fulltime CNA with AseraCare Hamilton since 2010. Prior to starting with AseraCare, she worked for Marion Regional Home Health for approximately 20 years. She has received the Employee of the Quarter Award. Laura currently is finishing up her degree to become a teacher. She is married and the mother of two boys. One of nurses, Cassandra Mattingly, praised Laura recently on our RAVE: “I continue to have patients brag on you daily. Your caring way with patients and their families make my job so much easier. I appreciate the dedication you have to making each visit, with each patient a fun, carefree time.”

Sarah Markham has been a fulltime CNA with AseraCare Hamilton since August 2014. Sarah worked at Marion Regional Nursing Home, just prior to joining hospice. Sarah so graciously trained our new CNA, Michelle. We appreciate all you do!

Michelle Foster is AseraCare Hamilton’s newest PRN CNA. She joined us May 2015. Since joining us, Michelle and her two children competed in the Tough Mudder (10+ mile obstacle course) in Pulaski, TN. Michelle displays grit and determination as well and patience and compassion. A great addition to our AseraCare Hamilton team!

Crystal Anders has been a PRN CNA with AseraCare Hamilton since March 2012. She helps during holidays, weekends and even vacations. Crystal recently celebrated a huge accomplishment. She graduated in May from Bevill State Community College with an Associates Degree in Nursing. Crystal will be taking her RN board exam June 26. We plan to transition her into a PRN RN position.

AseraCare of Norfolk, Neb.

Sara Ruda, Director of Clinical Services for AseraCare of Norfolk recognizes one of her colleagues, HHA Krista Hooker.

Krista said, “Recently it was my privilege to care for a 54-year-old patient with Tcell lymphoma. And during this journey we shared many stories of her life, her 12-year-old daughter, her family, her love of sports, her favorite movies, TV shows and music. Every visit I ended with her was with a hand squeeze and a reminder of when I would return to see her again. She enjoyed the company of everyone on our team. One of the last times she was able to talk to me, she broke my heart as she squeezed my hand and said, ‘you're so personable, and I mean that from my heart,’ as she cried. I thanked her and again told her when I would see her again. As I left the room I was reminded why I do what I do and why I've done this job for eight years and why the team I work with lives the mission of Aseracare Hospice everyday!!”


Please join us in recognizing all of our wonderful CNAs this week – They truly are a “Work of Heart.”

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