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Activity Professionals Week: Music, Auctions, Dances and … BINGO!

Golden LivingCenters | posted January 19, 2015 | Bookmark and Share

To celebrate Activity Professionals Week, we asked the activity professionals at our Golden LivingCenters to give us their list of the most popular activities the residents and patients enjoy. Here is a brief recap of what they shared with us:

Musical Programs
From children’s choirs to local performing artists, residents enjoy hearing live music and other presentations. Sing-a-longs and Elvis impersonators are always a hit along with holiday carols and church services. Music of all kind is thoroughly enjoyed. 
Auctions and Games
One LivingCenter hosts “Minute to Win It” style games to help improve fine motor skills and to foster a friendly spirit of competition among the residents. Live and silent auctions with change or play money also provide residents with a seasonal shopping experience, as well as bragging rights for their prowess. Some residents also enjoy video games with Wii Bowling and “Name that Tune” with an iPad hooked up to an Internet radio station as some of their favorites. 
Cooking Classes
On Monday nights, another LivingCenter hosts a cooking club. Residents plan their own menus and cook entire meals from scratch with the help of staff and volunteers. Cooking competitions also provide an interactive activity in other LivingCenters where residents can be judged by their peers.
In another LivingCenter, tables are lined up and residents sit on all sides of the tables. They divide into teams and try to get the ball down the table. If the ball hits the floor, the other team gets a point. 
Special Events
From holiday parties and resident pageants to a Veterans Day celebration or Senior Prom in the spring, getting an entire LivingCenter behind a special occasion or event helps inspire morale and bring out the creative juices of many people in the LivingCenter. 
BINGO! came in as the most popular activity by far. In fact, most activity professionals turned in their list with the disclaimer, “here are the activities the residents enjoy besides Bingo!” One LivingCenter offers “Brown Bag Bingo” where prizes are given out in brown bags, so it adds the element of surprise . 
While our caregiving staff keenly is focused on caring for the physical needs of our patients and residents, clearly their social and emotional well-being takes a high priority as well. This week, we celebrate all of our employees and volunteers who do an incredible job to lift the spirits of the people who have trusted us with their care. 

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