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LOVE Is in the Air

Golden LivingCenters | posted February 10, 2015 | Bookmark and Share

This year, Golden Living celebrates the love shared in our LivingCenters across the country. Many couples continue their journey together in one of our LivingCenters, and some couples meet and fall in love after they become a resident. Here are a few of their stories...

Gus and Do Ohlendorf reside in our Golden LivingCenter – Delano and celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary recently. High school sweethearts, Gus and Do married on February 26, 1943 and had one son after Gus returned from the South Pacific after serving in World War II.

Celebrating 53 years of marriage on February 2, Maria and Herman Simonsen met one day after church when a key event was cancelled. After spending three months refusing his advances, Maria finally consented to a first date. They married after Maria rebuffed Herman for a year in 1963 and raised two daughters. The Simonsens are living out their love story at Golden LivingCenter – Lake Ridge. 
Meeting at Bible class, James Rawls was stationed at the Charleston Naval Base at the time and asked Johnnie out one day after class. After dating for eight months, James spent Christmas with Johnnie’s sister and kissed her for the first time. He asked her to marry him a few weeks later, and they were married On November 6, 1953. Since then they have raised three children and currently live at the Golden LivingCenter – Briarwood in Georgia. 
Wilbur and Ellen Boettcher met at a roller skating rink in 1940 in Elk River, Minnesota when Ellen had trouble maintaining her balance trying to skate around the rink. After dating for a few years, Wilbur was drafted into the Army and served in World War II. Ellen’s father spotted Wilbur when he came home from the war and took him home to Ellen and said, “Look what I brought home!” After being reunited, they married October 19, 1946 and have enjoyed a lifetime of big game hunting and fishing. They now reside at the Golden LivingCenter – Twin Rivers. 
Meeting in 2014, John Speckhart and Frances Smeal moved into the Golden LivingCenter – Hillview and were placed in rooms opposite the hallway from each other. What began as an innocent wave and a word or two exchanged in passing soon blossomed to more. While there have been some close calls, Frances has never been married or in a long term relationship. “I had to come to GLC – Hillview to find love!” she exclaims. The couple eagerly anticipates spending their first Valentine’s Day together this week. 

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