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Celebrating Our Nurses This Week

Golden LivingCenters | posted May 06, 2015 | Bookmark and Share

In recognition of National Nurses Week, we say thank you to some of the most instrumental people at Golden Living and want to share several of our nurses’ stories as they embody "A Work of Heart."

Lovingly nicknamed the "Magnificent Seven" from Golden LivingCenter –Edwardsville, Anita Hall, Francis Gatimi, Stephanie McGaughey, Jennifer Terrien, Bridgett Washam, Deaven Workman and Jessica Wisner, are praised for their compassion and concern for their patients as well as their professional approach of the highest standards by their Business Office Administrator Jacqueline Collins. They have almost 50 years of combined service.

The Executive Director Kurt Abshire of Golden LivingCenter – Richmond in Virginia said that nurse Gina Robinson has such a passion for taking care of patients and being their second family. Vineatta Walker, also from GLC – Richmond, loves to bring smiles to the patients’ faces when she is able to help them or just listen to them and let them know she cares.

Our nurses go above and beyond for our patients and residents every day. Vera Fennell was recognized by Executive Director Stephen Copper of Golden LivingCenter – West Newton in Massachusetts for her 38 years of service. While she refers to her training skills as "old school," her clinical expertise and knowledge is timeless.

Judy Funkhouser from GLC – Elkhart in Indiana also has a long tenure with 40 years of service at Golden Living and is a constant cheerleader for new nurses. In addition, Beverly Bembry has a dedicated 40 years of service to Golden Living and works at Golden LivingCenter – Glenwood in Georgia. She always fills in where the nursing team needs a helping hand.

Many of our nurses take extra time to care for our patients and residents while also serving as caregivers at home too. Lauren Carter of Golden LivingCenter – Woodbridge in Indiana also is a single mother of a special needs child as well as put herself through nursing school while working.

Two nurses at Golden LivingCenter – Uniontown in Pennsylvania, Jaci Null and Deb Matthews, work in tandem to ensure the LivingCenter provides the highest level of care while making work fun as the Director of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing. They constantly praise the facility and work to keep up the positive energy among their team.

The residents at GLC - Golden Rule in Indiana go out of their way to tell us what a great job Stephanie Hutchens does and that they miss her on her days off. Also, Teresa Reed from GLC – Knox, also in Indiana, serves as a great mentor to both the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and the new nursing team members.

The Director of Nursing Services, Cynthia Quick, of Golden LivingCenter – Titusville in Pennsylvania recently was nominated for the Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) Caregiver of the Year award. She leads her nursing staff by example as a kind and compassionate leader states her colleague, Dan Bucci, Executive Director for GLC – Titusville. Constance Aytch. Also a Director of Nursing Services for Golden LivingCenter – Greenville in North Carolina, Constance was praised highly by Executive Director Hal Garland of GLC – Greenville for her constant work ethic and clinical leadership.

Finding her calling when she worked as a CNA, Janelle Ondrusek, can be found holding the hands of patients or wiping their tears at Golden LivingCenter – West Shore in Pennsylvania. She takes extra time with patients and their families to explain care procedures.

For many of our nurses, Golden Living serves as an extended family. For example, Mariflor Liwanag from GLC - Reedley in California treats all of her nurses as if they are her own family members and goes the extra mile to help them in their own success. June Cass of Golden LivingCenter – South Hills in Pennsylvania likes to create a warm and welcoming environment for her patients and always has a smile. Betsy Jarnecke in GLC – Merrillville in Indiana uses humor to help in frustrating situations. The DNS Rebecca Neff says her team would not be the same without Betsy.

Having a caring heart is one of the many qualities of good nurses. Chris Jones and Jamie Patterson, both of Golden LivingCenter – Muncie in Indiana, are just two of the residents’ favorite nurses because they go out of their way for them no matter how long the day may have been.

Sometimes it is the little things that patients need that don’t require care, but a loving heart instead. Sue Fedor, Director of Nursing Services, for Golden LivingCenter – Hillview in Pennsylvania, is honored for her commitment to patients through her little acts of kindness. She had a hat embroidered with a patient’s name on it because he was delighted when people would call him by his name. He was diagnosed with dementia. Then on Christmas, she dressed in a Santa costume to deliver presents to residents.

While another Director of Nursing Services Mariellen McGough of Golden LivingCenter – Scranton in Pennsylvania finds little things to do for her nursing staff to keep the morale up. She assisted by cooking waffles all day on International Waffle Day.

At Golden LivingCenter – Glenwood in Georgia, Dorothy Ivey works with patients and residents for however long it takes. Her colleague, Yvette Mitchell, Director of Nursing Services for the LivingCenter, mentioned that sometimes a patient would need 40 minutes or more to eat with assistance, and Dorothy patiently sits with the patient the whole time.

Nurses provide comfort, peace, and confidence – it is in their nature to give more than they receive. These take care of a patient’s daily needs, listen when times are hard and can provide us with lasting friendship. These are just a few of the reasons why we are thankful for all of our nurses.



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