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Our Residents Are Like Family

Golden LivingCenter – Indiana staff share their heart-felt perspective on the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, what it means to them to care for their residents and the special friendships they have formed with their residents who, in their words, are like family.

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The Residents’ Perspective on Covid-19 Vaccination

See what some of our residents have to say about receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations. Unscripted and quite candid, these residents share their straight-forward opinions and thoughts about getting the vaccine, doing what ever they can to keep more people healthy, and how happy they are the vaccine is available.

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Scientific Cooperation

Many people question how quickly the COVID-19 vaccine was developed. Listen to the professional opinions and perspectives from several medical directors, who care for our residents, and what they think about the development of the vaccine.

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Can the Covid-19 vaccine change my DNA?

Will the COVID-19 vaccine change my DNA? Hear what several physicians have to say about our genetics and deciphering fact from fiction.

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New Variants of Covid-19

How does the COVID-19 vaccine help protect us from the known and expected variants? Listen to medical experts explain some of the science and the role vaccination plays in hindering viral mutations.

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Trusting Science

Still deciding if the COVID-19 vaccine is right for you? Hear from some of our staff who share their personal and professional reasons as they determined if vaccination was right for them.

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MRNA technology

Listen to Dr. Thomas Huth share some information about our genetic code, the function of the COVID-19 vaccine, and what the vaccine can and cannot do as it relates to our genetic code.

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We All Need to Do Our Part

Listen to our staff share their experience getting the COVID-19 vaccination.