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Resident & Family Coronavirus Update

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Thank you for visiting this site to access the Brickyard Healthcare Coronavirus Update. Please rest assured that we truly care about the well-being of each and every resident. Our team members are bravely and proudly accepting the call to service during this challenging pandemic. We know that the uncertainty and the visitor limitations are very difficult for our residents and their loved ones. We encourage you to find creative ways to communicate with your loved ones, such as telephone calls, Facetime, sending written notes with photos. If you wish to speak with someone for any reason, we are available. Please do not hesitate to contact the Care Center Executive Director, Director of Nursing or Director of Clinical Education. We do ask for your patience as our Care Centers are fielding many calls while also focusing on the well-being of the residents and staff. We also encourage you to make sure we have your current telephone number and e-mail address.

COVID-19 Testing and Reporting

Our Care Centers have been expected to take extraordinary steps in an effort to protect residents and staff. In addition to securing available government provided COVID-19 testing, we proactively engaged a private testing provider to have greater access to testing. This enables Care Centers with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive cases to test residents in order to identify and separate symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-positive residents from COVID-negative residents. If a resident’s physician orders a COVID-19 test, the resident’s responsible party will be notified and the resident and responsible party will be notified of the test result. We are also reporting COVID-19 testing outcomes to the appropriate local, state and federal agencies.

We have provided a summary of each of our Care Center’s current COVID-19 positive information below.  The summary will be updated each weekday.  Some important considerations related to this information are:

  • National trends indicate that nursing facilities located in a community with a higher rate of local COVID-19 spread are more likely to have the virus enter the facility.
  • Some facilities experienced exposure to the virus early in the pandemic so those facilities’ total number of positive cases tend to be higher.
  • A nursing facility that tests all residents on the same date or in a period of a few days is likely to report more positive results than facilities that have tested only a few suspected COVID-19 positive residents.
  • A positive result does not mean that the residents are symptomatic; there have been many COVID-19 positive persons who never developed symptoms.
  • Relocation of residents to the hospital or other facilities will lead to changes in the totals.

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Resident Isolation and Quarantine

COVID-19 positive residents reside together per Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations to cohort them from COVID-19 negative residents. This may require relocation within the Care Center or to another healthcare setting in an effort to protect the health of our residents. As recognized by CMS, we may be required in some instances to prioritize resident well-being over resident preference at this time. Proper infection control isolation protocols and other CDC COVID-19 positive management recommendations are being implemented. If a resident is a new admission or has left the facility and returned, the nursing facility is expected to follow quarantine protocols recommended by ISDH and CDC guidelines.

Other COVID-19 Actions

Our Care Centers are taking additional proactive steps such as permitting only pre-screened essential visitors and limited visitors for end-of-life residents; providing adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff, and; expecting residents to practice social distancing and wear masks as recommended. Our Care Centers remain in contact with the ISDH and the local Long Term Care (LTC) Ombudsmen to provide updates, accept their guidance and coordinate efforts.   Our support teams are working tirelessly to provide the extra support our Care Centers need so that they can focus on the well-being of the residents. Infection prevention and control is always a top priority and, as a result, our nursing teams already have infection prevention and control training. Our Care Centers are coordinating with the State and County health departments and notifying them in the event of suspected COVID-19 presence in a Care Center. We continue to implement the infection prevention and control guidelines and recommendations issued by the ISDH, CDC and CMS.

Visitor Rules

In accordance with state and national long-term care facility recommendations, we are currently restricting visitors to pre-screened essential personnel and visitors for residents nearing end-of-life pursuant to our end-of-life visitor policy. Essential personnel and permitted end-of-life visitors are being screened using a detailed questionnaire and non-invasive assessments.  Two visitors over the age of 14 are permitted to visit end-of-life residents and requests for exceptions are considered.  Please contact the Care Center to request visits in advance.  We encourage you to contact your loved one’s attending physician as needed to discuss the recommended medical course of treatment for your loved one.  Access to telehealth services has also expanded during this pandemic so do not hesitate to access your loved one’s healthcare providers about telehealth options.


If under the circumstances a resident’s physician is able to conclude in advance that a resident is nearing end-of-life, the Care Center will notify the resident’s authorized contact and will abide by resident wishes and any applicable legal documents/authority in order to determine the course of treatment.  We encourage residents and their loved ones to reach out to discuss end-of-life topics when an individual is admitted to a nursing facility and in the event of significant changes of condition, including CPR/Do Not Resuscitate, Living Will and Hospice options.

We encourage you to show support for our courageous staff during this time.  We are taking action to recognize them for their efforts.  Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all who are affected at this time.

We encourage you to show support for our courageous staff during this time. We are taking action to recognize them for their efforts. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all who are affected at this time.