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Throughout your healthcare journey we want you to experience Brickyard Difference, which reflects our goal of providing personalized, quality care and clinical excellence. Whether you require rehabilitation therapy after surgery or more complex care, Brickyard Healthcare is dedicated to helping you get back to the things you enjoy as safely and as quickly as possible.

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Our cardiac care services are available to individuals recovering from a heart attack or bypass surgery, or who may be experiencing abnormal heart rhythms or high cholesterol. In addition, our services are also beneficial to residents with congestive heart failure or heart disease. Our cardiac care services provide nutritional counseling, smoking cessation, psychological interventions, exercise training, physical activity counseling and management of lipid levels, hypertension, weight and diabetes. Check your local facility for availability.

We offer dialysis support to meet the various needs of dialysis residents whether they are facing temporary or permanent loss of kidney function, or chronic kidney disease. We educate them and their families about kidney disease, associated risk factors and potential lifestyle modifications such as nutritional planning. Through individual treatment plans, we help residents determine a convenient and stress-free dialysis schedule so they maintain their independence and active lifestyle. Check your local facility for availability.

Diabetic care teaches those living with diabetes the best ways to manage the disease and keep control of their lives. As part of learning how to monitor their blood-glucose levels, residents are given specific diet plans that won’t aggravate their diabetes. In regards to greater physical health, they learn improved methods for caring for their feet, gums and eyes, and are shown how to incorporate exercise into their diabetes management program. Check your local facility for availability.

When patients are ready to return home, the goal of discharge planning is to help them do so safely. Discharge planning is a collaborative process between the care team and the patient that begins on admission. It involves assisting the patient and his or her family with acquiring the resources needed to be home safely such as medical care, therapy, home health, equipment and supplies, or making contact with community agencies that can provide any additional support, as well as a thorough evaluation of the home environment for safety concerns.

Our goal is to alleviate or reduce pain through the use of medical care. When patients have relief from pain, they are better able to focus on other aspects of their health. We incorporate different methods of pain management including the use of medications, and non-medication procedures such as massages, acupuncture, acupressure and therapy. We are proud to have been one of only eight skilled nursing companies selected to participate in the National Pain Collaborative, which emphasizes creative pain-management approaches, such as exercise, physical therapy, music and aroma therapy, hydrotherapy and massage. Check your local facility for availability.

A restorative plan of care is developed to reflect the resident’s goals and is designed to improve wellness and function. The goal is to maintain optimal physical, mental and psychosocial functioning. Our nurses work with each resident to identify activities that negatively affect his or her ability to engage in self-care or increase risk of injury. We also assess range of motion, getting in and out of bed, communicating, and ability to feed or dress oneself. We work with an interdisciplinary team to assess issues and nursing care that can enhance the resident’s psychological adaptation to a decrease in function, increase levels of performance in daily living activities, and prevent complications associated with inactivity.

The effects of a stroke vary depending on its severity – patients may experience difficulty walking, swallowing, communicating and performing daily activities. Our stroke (also known as CVA) care services help patients address their unique stroke effects with the goal of regaining independence and returning home. In addition to medical care, stroke patients may be prescribed various physical, occupational and speech therapy regimens to help them regain function and physical coordination.

Residents recovering from surgery or extended illnesses may experience complex wounds that need further attention in order to heal properly. Our comprehensive wound care program is directed by a team of professionals who use the latest in wound management techniques and therapies help the resident heal faster. The wound care team works closely with other members of the health care team to prepare a plan of treatment that best addresses individual needs, and we involve the resident and the family in every step of the treatment plan.

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