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Rehabilitation Therapy

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After illness or surgery, rehabilitation is an essential component for a successful recovery. Brickyard Healthcare Care Centers in Indiana utilize Aegis Therapies as our provider of inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy and wellness services. Each therapist has had professional training to assist you with balance issues, fall prevention, cognitive (awareness) skills, complex medical conditions, incontinence and more. Our rehabilitation outcomes offers tangible proof of patient progress and helps our therapists adjust treatment as needed.

Our goal at Brickyard Healthcare, is to help our patients enjoy their best level of physical health possible. In collaboration with Aegis Therapies, we want you to get better, faster and stay stronger, longer.

To learn more about the different types of therapy available, explore the links below.

Through physical therapy, patients are normally able to improve their muscle strength and coordination following injury or illness. The focus is on mobility – moving safely in bed, getting up and down from a chair, walking or negotiating stairs, ramps and curves. Physical therapy can also help control or alleviate acute and chronic pain. Our therapists work closely with physicians and the nursing staff to develop an appropriate treatment program and as the patient progresses through the therapy, it is readjusted to help meet maximum outcomes. For more information, please visit

Occupational therapy helps people who, through injury or illness, have lost some of their ability to perform important life functions like eating, bathing and dressing, as well as ordinary activities like cooking, doing laundry or other tasks. We make a complete evaluation of the impact the patient’s surgery or illness has had on their activities both at home and in work situations, as well as considering a patient’s hobbies and recreational activities. Then an individualized treatment plan is recommended, and assistive devices are prescribed to improve the quality of the patient’s daily living activities. For more information, please visit

Speech therapy helps people who have suffered a stroke or other injury to re-learn how to communicate through speaking, reading or writing. Speech therapy also helps those who have difficulty chewing or swallowing during meals, and it helps improve memory skills so the patient can perform tasks like managing medications or getting help in emergency situations. We incorporate physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech, use speech drills to improve clarity, and incorporate sound-production practice to improve articulation. We also provide cognitive training and methods for communicating with the hearing impaired. For more information, please visit

Our joint replacement therapy services assist in rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery. We use a full spectrum of customized treatment services to meet the needs of the patient, including pre-operative education, pain management, physical and occupational therapy and therapeutic recreation programs. We also evaluate the home environment to ensure that recovery can continue effectively and without interruption, as well as educating the family on ways in which they can contribute to patient recovery. Check with your local facility for availability. For more information, please visit

We understand that patients want to get their health back to the level it was before illness, surgery or injury. Doing this requires both an individual and collaborative effort. We have designed our outpatient therapy to fit the needs of each individual patient so they receive the therapy regimen that is best for them, while setting their own schedule and maintaining their normal daily activities. We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy on an outpatient basis. Check with your local facility for availability.

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